Do You Know about the Kalasha Spring Festival

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The Kalasha spring Festival known as Zhoshi by the Kalash Themselve and Chilimjusht by the local people, with its all colors and glory will commence from 13th and last until 16th May. Since it’s the most colorful festival of the Kalash people, thousands of national and international tourists come to attend it, creating for themselves, lifetime memories in the united valleys of Kalash. The unique group dance of the Kalash people, coupled with the bewitching scenery of the valleys, is the real essence of the festival which is worth seeing. People, who long to know the important but hidden facts about the smallest community of the earth, would ever love to join the festival.

This is not a mere gathering of people, but rather embodies the outstanding and unparallel peace, unknown to the world, surrounds us there. This festival also give us an opportunity to see how these few people remained true to their ancestors and preserved the great heritage which they received from their forefathers in the shape of culture. This festival is unique in its nature and has no other examples in this big world.