A young woman died of heart failure/BBC silent-forever

Kalash Desh 16 July, A young woman and mother of five children took last breath at Peshawar hospital on 16 July and couldn’t sustained her life at the age of 24 years , according to her family sources she felt chest pain three days ago and brought to District Headquarter Hospital Chitral which is located at a distances of 43 kilometres from her village Anish at Kalasha valley Mumuret, (It is also important to mentioned here that District Chitral lacks medial facilities and therefore, there are no MRI and CT scan facilities in the town and the patients usually refers to Peshawar, it locates at a distances of 400 kilometres from Chitral town, that is rough and tiring journey indeed) ,after initial medical check-up, she was referred to Peshawar immediately. It was 16 July evening when she died in a hospital at Peshawar, it has been said that she had heart failure.

File photo BIBIC

Inspired by BBC (British Broadcasting Company, her parents named her BBC, later in school her named was written in local style as BIBI C. She married in teenage to Shakeel Ahmad from her village and gave birth to five children, her elder son Saif Ali Khan is disabled, and three daughters are healthy, she gave birth to a baby boy three months ago but unfortunately she couldn’t feed him anymore and left her children orphaned. 

Born to a family of ex.councillor of Sher Mohammad Khan a well known figure in Kalasha valleys, since there was no television in the valleys long ago and BBC Urdu was main source of information through radio that inspired him to named one of his child as BBC.

She was a good human being and she had worked for her community as post-woman as her father-in-law is serving postman and she was educated in the family therefore helping her family to sort out parcel for distribution in Kalasha valley north-western part of Khyber Pakhtankhawa.

The mountain people are well exercised in daily life, but last few decades have been witness increase of heart failure and related diseases.

Funeral rituals are in progress where large number of people from three Kalasha valleys are gathered to see off her.


Deceased will be buried on 18 July as per the Kalasha tradition of burial in her ancestral graveyard at Brun village. 

May Dezau (The Creator help her soul rest in peace at Behes’t’)

Dozen injured in a clash and Kalasha community are threaten


ISLAMABAD: Hundreds of Muslims clashed with members of Kalash tribe in Chitral on Thursday after a teenager claimed she was forced to convert to Islam, police and residents said.

Attacked on a house and ishpata news team watch now

Police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd attacking a house in the Kalash tribe’s valley of Bumburate in the northwestern district of Chitral, where the girl had gone to give a police statement about her conversion, said Kalash activist Luke Rehmat.

The Kalash, country’s smallest religious minority, celebrate their gods through music and dance – an anomaly in conservative Muslim Pakistan.

Faces of Kalash: Untold stories of the valley

They number only around 4,000, according to Rehmat. Increasingly their youth are converting to Islam, prompting activists to campaign to preserve the traditions of the ancient, diminishing tribe.

The teenager had “returned to her home saying embracing Islam was a mistake and she wanted to live with her family, which infuriated the Muslim community,” Rehmat said.

She went to a neighbour’s house to speak to police, the home’s owner told AFP, but hundreds of people began to gather outside as word spread through the close-knit community.

“The Kalash community had also gathered to save the family and when the Muslims chanting slogans attacked the house with sticks and pelted stones everybody was running for their lives,” Rehmat, who was out of breath from fleeing the scene, told AFP by telephone.

“Dozens” were injured, he said, though apparently none seriously.

“Law enforcement agencies reached here on time otherwise they would have killed all of us,” said local Kalash politician Imran Kabeer.


It was not clear what happened to the teenager.

Conversions threaten ancient Kalash tribe

Police of Chitral said the district police chief had gone to Bumburate with other senior officers, adding that the situation was under control.

The owner of the house that was attacked was also in Chitral, where he said police were refusing to let him return home.

“They came out in a mob to attack my house and to kill my wife and my children,” he said, asking to remain anonymous.

“They threw stones at the roof and at the windows. Police were firing in the air.”

Chitral, a northern district of Khyber-Pukhtunkwa, has long attracted tourists for its beauty and has hitherto been notable for having been spared the country’s violence.

Kalasha family protests against police behaviour threatens to migrate

Kalash community protests against police behaviour threatens to migrate

CHITRAL: Elites from Kalash community under the chair of Mir Bacha Kalah of Birir valley held a protest rally against police station Ayun’s nepotism and staff’s brutal behavior against the community.

The Kalash women and men including their children  also held a press conference in a local hotel.
Addressing thepress conference Mir Bacha and others said that they have some land dispute with a rival group at Birir whose one daughter is serving as police constable and his son in Chitral border police (Levies) who use their influence and are pressurizing Station House Officer (SHO) Ayun who lodged 3 FIRs against us.
But they took no action against them as usually police lodge cross FIR in such cases at Chitral.

They said that Asham Bibi is lady police constable and she using her influence in police department lodged FIR 3 times and arrested our women, children and men and sent to jail.

They said that although the case is under trial in civil court but even then the rival group was harassing us to occupy  the land which is our legal right.

Holding banner in their hand inscribing the message  to chief Justice appealing for justice they protested and took out rally against Chitral (Ayun) police against their partial activity and taking action against them  on the desire of influential persons.

Mir Bacha and his wife said that they also submitted written application before the District Police Officer (DPO) Chitral but no action was taken so far.

They appealed to the Chief Justice Peshawar High Court, Chief Minister Khyber Pahtonkhwa, Inspector General of Police to take action against Ayun police on their nepotism and misusing their power  only to patronize their lady police constable.

They warned if they were not provided justice they will leave this country and will migrate to an other country as a protest.

Kalash valley road blocked, people are stranded both sides of the river

Dubaz bridge damaged completely (7)

Kalash Desh 12 May; poor management of district administration caused serious issues for the residents of Mumuret and Rukmu valley.

Dubaz bridge damaged completely (8)

Especially children, women, patients and tourist are helpless at checkpoint Dubaz. People in the valleys are very disappointed from District concerns, serval times elected representatives and residents demanded government to make some measurements to provide relief for the community living in Kalasha Desh, but all their request had been trashed to dustbins and no one cares.


Women, tourist and children are seen on both sides, they were restless, as local police and Chitral Levis had stopped them crossing the river on damaged site.

Dubaz bridge damaged completely (2)

The famous Zhoshi (spring festival) just a click start on fourteen May, and there are lot of issues for everyone, not only the road closed, all link bridges have been disappeared in last few days, as the water level has been raised in the stream. And there were no pre-cautionary steps taken since last year.

Dubaz bridge damaged completely (9)

People are in confusions and whispering about the changed promised in 2013 general election and blaming the Khyber Paktankhawa government for ignorance and less interest towards the people of Chitral District.

Dubaz bridge damaged completely (3)

Chitral is worst affected by natural climates in KP, it was devastated by flash floods and then earthquake has been traumatized the situation and increased worries of survival for the people.

Dubaz bridge damaged completely (6)

Government didn’t learnt lesson, evidently waiting for another worst days to be happened, as there have not been any work plan for the district red zone areas, that would be changing the landscape in upcoming monsoon season of 2016.

Dubaz bridge damaged completely (5)

Worst conditions of link bridges in Kalasha valleys

Girls are crossing link bridge at Rukmu

Kalasha Desh; poor condition of link bridges can result same situation that happened on six May at Drasun of Mulkhow village where daughter and father lost their life while crossing locally built rough link bridge.

As one can see the above image in horrible condition, dozens of school kids, crosses the bridge every day to reach their school situated at a distance of one kilo meter in Grom center Kalasha valley Rukmu. Last year flood disaster has been swept away all link bridges in Kalasha valleys and people are facing serious issues as the water level in streams has been rising day to day.

After ten months district administration and provincial government failed to built bridges for the mountain community, instead of ease their life government is putting salt on their wounds, that can causes loss of precious life in far flung areas of the District.

Two people are crosing link bridge at Gorapuna

Two man are trying to cross bridge at Gorapuna in UC Ayun, they could imbalance any time as the link connection is dangerous to move on it. Responsible agency is government, District Disasters Management Authority, Provincial Disasters Management Authority and National Disasters Management Authority. But all these concerns are sleeping and enjoying wheel chair at office, they don’t have any pain for the people those are suffering because they, and their kids are safe and sound and having no such issues then why they care about others!!!

Federal government approved Rs. 2.4 billion for the construction Mumuret (Bumboret) Road

Photo taken at Gombayak road leads to Rukmu valley

Present condition of road in Kalasha valleys

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The federal government has approved a large sum of Rs. 14.52 billion for the construction of four road projects in Chitral on which preliminary work has already been started including its alignment survey and compilation of feasibility report.

road in Kalash valleys
Talking to Chitral Times by telephone from Islamabad, the MNA from Chitral, Shahzada Iftikharud Din said that all the four road projects led to the four major valleys of the district and had been the long standing demand of the people.
Eulogizing the prime minister for his generous approval of the most wanted road projects, he said that he (prime minister) had announced the projects during his visit to the flood affected village of Kuragh in upper Chitral last year.

Road leading to Mumuret (Bumboret) valley
The prime minister, he said, did not lost his time in approving Rs. 7.5 billion for Shandur road (147 kms), Rs.3.5billion for Garam Chashma road (67 kms) and  Rs. 2.4 billion for Bumburate road while National Highway Authority will start work on the sites shortly.
He said that all the three roads are of prime importance and will boost up trade and tourism thereby bringing about progress and prosperity as the Shandur Road is the one which connects Chitral with Gilgit-Baltistan onward leading to the Chinese market.
The law-maker from Chitral said that for Booni-Torkhow road, the federal government had already provided Rs. 1.12 billion rupees which was being executed by the communication and works department of the provincial government.
He said that both Torkhow and Garam Chashm roads can be used as passage to Tajikistan which had already been declared as feasible in early 1990s when Mian Nawaz Sharif was in power.