Winter Clothes Distribution in Kalashadesh (Kalash valleys)

Elsa weared coat given to her at distribution

A community support organization called KPDN, stands for Kalash People’s Development Network has been distributed winter clothes in Kalasha valleys.

KPDN team visiting Kraka at Mumuret while it was snowingKPDN volunteer cross a bridge at Rukmu valley

The organization is working since 2005 in Kalasha valleys and played very positive role in different areas such as education, health, culture preservation, traditional sports development, youth development, tourism, women empowerment, media initiatives and disaster response.

Distribution at Anish Mumuret

KPDN under its initiative Natural Disasters Management Programme, NDMP played vital role during 2010, 13 and 2015 natural disasters that have been parlayed Kalash valleys in particular and Chitral in general. The organization mobilized communities living in the valleys and work day and night to help the people in their difficult times.

Distribution at Balanguru in Rukmu

The valleys remained disconnected from Chitral town and of KPDN and media partner Ishpata News took responsibility to help the people indeed, KPDN did first assessment in the valleys and shared assessment report with stakeholders. The assessment was jointly done by NDMP and village council Mumuret (Bumboret), while Ishpata News handled reporting for national and international media.

Founder ad CEO Luke Rehmat

While talking to this subscriber founder and CEO of KPDN Luke Rehmat said that ‘’we have been mobilized and utilized our meagre resources to help flood affectees and become their voice in hard times, that was very tough time for the mountain’s residence’’

KPDN Team visit Apser Biriu

He further shared that ‘’ organizing community at grassroots level is indeed very difficult job for the organization working with limited resources, but no matter people knows their needs and willing to support their fellows in such situations’’

Mr. Rehmat thanked Culture of Resistance, CoR, for providing winter clothes for 800 (eight hundred) kids in Kalasha valleys, and helped rehabilitation work in the valleys.

While sharing community response and appreciation Mr. Fazal Azim senior KPDN activist said that ‘’community were very happy that we reached more families in the valleys, organization mostly ignore needy families and we have received very good feedback from the community, since last many days we remained on field for the purpose of distribution of winter clothes to kids in three valleys, our village to village campaign remained very unique and effective to communicate with the residents to know their views’’.


KPDN’s volunteers both male and female remained very active throughout the difficult times and remained with their people to encourage and support them while they were feeling along.

Chairperson KPDN Gulnazar giving coats to kids at Rukmu

Chairperson of the KPDN Ms. Gul Nazar talking with community in Biriu valley said that ‘’we are working on ground to help our fellows and we hope to work for the betterment of valleys and different communities in future as well’’.


She said that ‘’ we together would be able to achieve development and preservation goals, with support of AKHUAT clothes bank, we have been distributed five hundred family clothes and two hundred sweaters and now distributed eight hundred warm coats to the kids with the help of Iara Lee head of Culture of Resistance, as we saw they kids were more required to have winter clothes compared to adults’’

Zahir KPDN volunteer along kids during distribution at Anish

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education Department Moving in Right Direction


Kalash valley, Pakistan Terek-e-Insaf, PTI lead government in KP under supervision of Imran Khan moving on right direction.

Mr. Khan knows how to reach grassroots level and he also understands the importance of community and all stakeholders,

Involvement to improve education sector in Pakistan. The state own education now redesigned to ensured quality education.


The inactive PTC, Parent Teachers Council has been reactivated. The moment has been reached the mountains of Chitral.

KP education department in collaboration with SRSP had successfully concluded four days PTC workshop in Kalasha valley Mumuret,

Where dozens of senior citizens including teachers participated the training workshop.

Mr. Sarfaraz a senior citizen and active member of the community receiving participation certificate from Mr. Ahmad Amin


On conclusion day Mr. Ahmad Amin project coordinator was chief guest, during his brief talks with the participants he shared the

Core values of PTC for the better future of education in Chitral. Mr. Amin was accompanied by Sangeen of SRSP.

Participants asked chief guest to arranged such workshop for stakeholders to mobilize them for improvement of education system.


Assistant Commissioner Chitral Assures Kalasha Peoples to make their Language Part of School Curriculum.


Kalasha valley, a project launching ceremony held at Kalasha Dur (Kalasha Culture Center), Mumuret. The project has been funded by National Rural Support Programme, under Small Grants and Ambassador Fund Program of USAID in partnership with implementing partner Ayun and Valleys Development Programme.

Mr. Wazir Zada manager AVDP a local support organization briefed participant about role of AVDP and projects done so far in union council Ayun. He also spoke about the importance of language and culture preservation, he added that ‘’it’s high time we should work for the preservation of Kalasha language and culture, and it’s an opportunity now we could mobilize financial resources to document oral tradition’’ he thanked NRSP and USAID for approving the important project for the Kalasha peoples.

While briefing the participant language and culture development officer of the project, Mr. Luke Rehmat shared a power point presentation and highlighted budget heads to the participants categorical where the amount would be use and how it would works.


He also spoke about the role of community linguist and Kalasha peoples, he said that ‘’ it needs to take ownership by the community members to best utilizes the resources to work for the preservation of intangible cultural heritage of the community’’ Rehmat requested chief guest Mr. Akram assistant commissioner Chitral to include Kalasha language in school curriculum in order to help the preservation efforts strengthen.


Assistant commissioner Chitral Mr. Akram highlighted values and importance of Kalasha culture who are living in three v-shaped valleys of Chitral. He asked Kalasha community to submit memorandum of understand by the end of project and assured the community that he will work to include Kalasha language in curriculum at government schools in Kalasha valleys.

A large number of people from three valleys were present on the occasion. A number of people shared their view including country director Islamic Relief, Mr.Saifullah Jan Chairman AVDP, Mr. Sher Zareen field operation NRSP, Mr. Mir Bacha, Ms. Sichen Gul, minority councillor from Rukmu valley Jam Shahi, Mr. Yasir Ali, Sher Mohd and Sher Mast were also spoke on the day launching ceremony.

Later the participants enjoyed musical event, a number guest were seen on occasion and enjoyed the musical event held in Kalasha Dur.

Kalasha community also praises effort of NRSP, USAID and AVDP for the preservation of their cultural heritage.

Tourist are enjoying KLCPP LAUNCHING CEREMONY (7)



Participants of project launching ceremony


Yasir Ali during his brief speech at launching ceremony

Workshop on community based inventory management to safeguard intangible cultural heritage held in Peshawar


Ishpata News Report

Peshawar, another attempt to speedup world heritage matter in case of Kalasha intangible cultural heritage to inscribe on world heritage list as per 2003 UN resolution, in this regards a three day workshop was organized at Peshawar university by THAAP a local non-governmental organization working in southern Punjab, another key stakeholder was UNESCO, United Nation Educational and Scientific Culture Organization funded by Canadian Local Initiatives.

The workshop was also attended by Kalasha community, Imran Kabir represented the forum, Imran is district councillor at district local government and represents Kalasha community. While another two people were accompanied by Luke Rehmat a social entrepreneur, Gul Nazar Chairperson Kalash People’s Development Network and Abida Bibi student at Peshawar University were also part of the workshop.

While briefing the participants Ms. Sajjida chief executive of officer of THAAP told that KP government is interested to safeguard intangible cultural heritage and Kalasha culture is one of her focused area to include in world nomination to safeguard the intangible culture heritage of the indigenous people.

On behalf of KP government director culture Mr. Naeem Safi highlighted government’s interest and positive work they did in last few years and also told the participants about revival of indigenous culture heritage that is an initiative of KP government aim to safeguard intangible heritage in KP.

On the conclusion ceremony Ms. Vibeke Jensen director UNESCO in Pakistan shared that she is working hard to mobilize different sources to safeguard intangible heritage in Pakistan and recently government of Pakistan has nominated Nowroz festival to the safeguard list to protect the event.

Its pertain to mention here that government of Pakistan has been working since to 2012 to send nomination of Kalasha cultural heritage to world heritage list and there were couple of meetings in 2012 and 13 but no success and in 2009 UNESCO in collaboration with Aga Khan Culture Service did culture mapping in Kalasha valleys but the matter still needs attention and process needs to be speed up in order to declare Kalasha valleys as a protect site before it’s too late.




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