Landsliding in Kalasha valley Biriu left families helpless


Landsliding in Biriu valley

Chitral: Kalasha valley Biriu, where last night landsliding hits Biaw village where three houses had been reported damaged due to heavy rain. While there is no harm to human, all member of the families are safe in the incident. The affected people are compiled to live under the open sky. Meanwhile member minorities at district council Adv. Nabaig Kalasha appeal district administration and MPA Wazir Zada of urgent support to the families.

Local people immediately started helping to remove debris on the scene.


The Beauty and Brutality of Love

Column by: Shah Nawaz Mohal
‘We are all fools in love’ wrote Jane Austen in Pride and Prejudice. Fools, dear reader, know right from wrong yet choose to not care one jot. Their reason abandons them, the advices of closed ones fall on deaf ears, the dangers ahead don’t register and the only face, the only voice, the only touch that can save and/or doom a lover is of beloved.

But this is how it begins. As time passes and two people come to know the dark, dreary side of each other the freshness and novelty make way for knowledge and routine. The ‘I’ that had once taken a backseat makes a comeback. The ‘You’, that was whole becomes a part. And the march of love’s beauty inches closer to its brutality.

‘To say I love you one must first be able to say the ‘I’, wrote Ayn Rand, an American philosopher and novelist. Another giant from a different place and time imagines inferno in the following lines ‘What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.’ writes Fyodor Dostoevsky in his magnum opus The Brothers Karamazov.

New era of tourism development in Chitral starts

President Chitral Hotels Association his excellency Prince Shahzada Siraj Ul Mulk along Mr. Zarin Khan In-charge Tourist Information Center TCKP Chitral met District Police Officer Chitral Captain (r) Muhammad Furqan Bilal. And Discussed the following Points
1. No need of NOC for foreign Tourists visiting Chitral area.
2. No need of registering with Police in Chitral area
3. No need of Police Escorts in Chitral area, on the demand of the foreign tourists security escorts would be provided. Mr. Bilal DPO Chitral has immediately taken action and has informed the Police lines and Police Check-points to give relief from the registration, No Objection Certificate (NOC) and Police Escorts in Chitral Area. The new development would be encouraging for foreigners to visit Chitral. #Visitpakistan#visitChitral#VisitKalashadesh#KPKtourism#PakistantourismSiraj UlmulkZarin Khan KalashChitral Police#Photo_Credits#Lost_With_Purpose

Stop Negative Allegations on Kalasha Community ||Must Watch||

In recent few year it has been observed that some people are systematically trying to spread negative narratives about #Kalasha community through #YouTube and articles. VERY disappointing situated over the years. THIS video will respond one of the such propaganda existing which may create more confusions. IT will help you to understand propaganda against #Kalasha community. YOU are requested to share this video to reach more people to educate them about #Kalasha community and aware them about propaganda against the community. LETS play positive role in the society. ||Must Watch||.

Kalasha Art and Music Presented by Founder and CEO of Ishpata News Guest at Lokvirsa Islambad

The main purpose of the Lok Baithak is to revive the traditional informal sittings of the rural communities. As we all know that these Lok Baithaks were multifaceted and used to serve the multiple purposes of associationalism, camaraderie, entertainment, social cohesion, knowledge sharing, creation of disciplinarian and organizational spirit, and above all as hub of promotion of art and culture in these communities. This program is open to the people of all age groups and multiple ethnicities in the style that they themselves are the speakers and listeners with the Lok Virsa as regulator and facilitator only. Participants are encouraged and allowed to bring their musical instruments and artifacts they specialize in. They are motivated to share the values, knowledge, wisdom, stories, songs, tales, fables, epics, jokes, traditional games, riddles etc. overall everything falling within the domain of folklore of their respective regions. Amateur singers and musicians among them sing and play music. In this session we would explore the folklore of Kalash valley. Mr. Luke Rehmat and Mr. Geo Bangali Kalash would talk about, and represent their community, on the occasion. As an activist, Luke Rehmat would share the characteristic features of the birth to death rituals, festivals, folk cuisine, and folk festivals of the #Kalasha people. While, Mr. Geo Bangali Kalash as a story teller, and a folk singer from the legendary valley of #Kalash, would narrate folk tales – and sing folk songs – of #Kalasha community.

Who Murdered Journalism

Column by: Shah Nawaz Mohal

People trust us journalists. Sorry, they once did. They no longer do. Once upon a time, not long ago, we informed them, educated them, made sense of the events and accidents for them and treated them with respect.

Now all of that is gone, dear reader.

The roaring 2000’s of media are over, dead and buried, as I’ve written in these pages before. The only remnants of that time are falling prey to the onslaught of social media, reduced cash flow, dwindling government advertisements, massive saturation, advances in news gathering techniques, and newsrooms hooked on parasitism, monitoring, editing and rephrasing ‘news’ by other sources.

The first victims of this new reality are newspapers. Big, small, English, Urdu, regional, national, enjoying massive readership or catering to a fringe segment, quantity of newspaper readers is in a nosedive across the board. The online advertisements, although all pervasive, are yet to replace the traditional advertisement. The costs to print dailies are getting high by the day; the returns are not enough to keep organisations afloat. Resultantly many have perished and others are on life support.

We, dear reader, storytellers have transmogrified into heralds of anarchy. We pick and choose, edit and alter, deface and mar, cut and taint the world as we want you to see and never as it actually is. Fear of the unknown, of untold, of something terribly wrong is our weapon of choice. And we brandish and use it with wanton abandon.

پیڈو کی طرف سے نیا بجلی گھر بنانے کی آڑ میں چار سالوں سے پرانے بجلی گھر کی بجلی سے محروم کالاش ویلی رمبور کے متعدد دیہات

چترال ( محکم الدین ) کالاش ویلی رمبور کے متعدد دیہات دوباژ ، گمبیاک ، پراکاڑک ، کوڑدیش ، بڑاوش ، جھت گورو، بھٹٹ ، کالاشگرام، گروم اور رمبور سنٹر کے لوگوں نے پیڈو کی طرف سے نیا بجلی گھر بنانے کی آڑ میں چار سالوں سے پرانے بجلی گھر کی بجلی سے محروم رکھنے پر انتہائی افسوس کا اظہار کیا ہے ۔ اور کہا ہے کہ تعمیر شدہ نیا بجلی اپنے افتتاح کے روز ہی زمین بوس ہو ا ۔ اور دوبارہ تعمیر ہوکر چالو ہونے کا نام ہی نہیں لے رہا ۔ جس کی وجہ سے وہ اندھیروں میں زندگی گزارنے پر مجبور ہیں ۔ انہوں نے کہا ۔ کہ مارچ 2015میں پیڈو اور اے کے آر ایس پی نے مشترکہ طور پر پراکاڑک کے مقام پر 25 کلو واٹ چالو بجلی گھرکی پیدوار 75کلوواٹ تک بڑھانے کیلئے سروے کیا ۔ اور اکتوبر میں کام شروع کیا ۔ جس کے بعد چارسالوں سے علاقے کے عوام بجلی کی نعمت سے محروم ہیں ۔ جبکہ نئی بجلی گھر کی حالت یہ ہے ۔

کہ جب پیڈو کے آفیسران کی موجودگی میں ٹسٹ کرنے کیلئے ٹینکی میں پانی چھوڑا گیا ۔ توپانی کا دباؤ برداشت نہ کرتے ہوئے ٹینکی شکست وریخت کا شکار ہوا ۔ اور متعلقہ اداروں کے اہلکاروں کو خود اپنے بالائی آفیسران اور کمیونٹی کے سامنے شرمندگی اُٹھانی پڑی ۔ جس کے بعد ٹینکی از سر نو تعمیر کرنے کیلئے مکمل طور پر منہدم کیا گیا ۔ لیکن ٹینکی ہے کہ مکمل ہونے کا نام نہیں لے رہی ۔ جبکہ علاقے کے عوام مسلسل بجلی کی آمد کا انتظار کر تے کرتے تھک چکے ہیں ۔ انہوں نے کہا ۔ کہ حکومت ان مائکرو ہائیڈل کو بجلی کی فراہمی کا اہم ذریعہ قرار دے کر ان کی مسلسل تشہیر کررہا ہے ۔ جبکہ زمینی حقائق اس کے بالکل بر عکس ہیں ۔ انہوں نے کہا۔ کہ مقامی لوگوں کا انتظار نا قابل برداشت ہو چکا ہے ۔ اس لئے مزید تاخیر کئے بغیر بجلی کی فراہمی کو ممکن بنایا جائے ۔