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Kalash People witnessed First Coaster in the Valley!

The Kalasha Times Report

Photo by: I.A Sagar

Kalash 20 June 2012. First ever coaster reached Kalash valley Mumuret via Ayun valley. Coaster No. 2585 Peshawar, the coaster is 25 seaters. It was come from Swat valley with some families from Karachi. Driver Hamayun Khan says that there were 27 people from Karachi including some children.
Coaster photo by: I.A Sagar
The coaster carried total number of 29 people including contractor and driver himself to Kalash valley although the road is very rough, but driver Hamayun succeeded to bring his coaster into the valley. ‘’It was really hard and difficult to drive on such a narrow road and the coaster was touching trees and mountains’’ said Hamayun. While talking with The Kalasha Times in Mumuret valley driver told that he want to give some message for NATCO (Northern Areas Transport Company) and local people of the valley, ‘’NATCO should start its services in Kalash valleys to facilitate tourist although the roads are rough but still NATCO can run its services in the valleys, for the local people I would like to request them to cut branches of the trees which are creating hurdles to drive and touching the roof’’


Position holders of GHS Mumuret (Bumborate) 2012

Feroz Kalash 14 June 2012. Kalash valleys considered to the backward areas of Pakistan Feroz Shahnow showing good progress towards education. Today metric SSC (Secondary School Certificate) results came out. For SSC exams which were conducted by board of intermediate secondary education Peshawar, BISEP. According to BISEP results in science group Mr. Feroz Shah S/O Dawood Shah stood 1st in Government high school Mumuret (Bumborate)  securing 794 marks out 1050 he belongs to Kalash valley Rukmu (Rumboor), village Kalahagrom, Farid Ahmad S/O Abdul Hadi secured 746 marks and got 2nd position he belongs to Kalash valley Mumuret (Bumborate) village Ahmadabad, Zakir Ahmad S/O Waslim Baig secure 725 and got 3rd position he belongs to Kalash valley Mumuret (Bumborate) village Anish, Fakhiru Din S/O Burhan Uddin secured 723 and got 4th position he belongs to Kalash valley Rukmu (Rumboor), Sabir Shah secured 722 secured marks and stood 5th position he belongs to Kalash valley Rukmu (Rumboor) village Kalashagrom in GHS. In Humanity group Abdul Salam S/O Abdul Manan secured 712 marks and stood first in GHS, he belongs to Kalash valley Mumuret (Bumborate) village Kr’aka’(Krakal).

Farid Ahmad Zakir Ahmad Sabir Shah

When The Kalasha Times approached the position holders they said ‘’it was a result of the hard work of teachers, and our hard struggles for securing good marks and prayers of our parents, family, friends and relatives.


Meanwhile in class 9th Mr. Hamid got 387 marks out 525 in part one and stood first in GHS. He Belongs to Kalash valley Mumuret (Bumborate) village Shekhanandeh.
Dilraz Bano secured 700 marks in SSC and got first position among girls in Kalash valleys. 
Good News for students: Mr. Wazir Zada announced cash prize of 15000 rupees for students who secured top position in GHS he was talking with The Kalasha Times on last Sunday. It is very positive that some educated young people are keen to promote education. Today Mr. Kapher Bazik from abroad called Kalash people’s Development Network office and announced some grants for students initially he was willing to award 5000 rupees once The Kalasha Times team briefed him about the status of results and then he told that he would try to add some more to the grant and he would inform Kalasha Times team  soon as possible.
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Breaking News (Earthquake hit Kalasha valleys)

Location of Kalasha Desh

Location of Kalasha Desh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Kalasha Times Report

Kalash 11 June 2012. Strong earthquake felt in Kalasha valleys and adjoining areas. Earth hit Kalasha valleys at 10: 31 A.M today and yesterday same time with same strong shudder was felt but there is no news of any happens in the valleys.

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A rumor turned to be truth!

The Kalasha Report
Kalash 9th June 2012. There is a famous pro-verb ‘’Sira’n pe praw haw pon’ dhangaw’’ (when there is a wind, then leafs start move). Now coming to the point Sher Azam from Darasguru village is converted to Islam although there were rumors few days ago, about his conversion of faith. The rumors turned to be truth on yesterday during Friday pray, where he announced his new religion. Couple of weeks ago a shopkeeper in Mumuret valley told the Kalasha Times that ‘’Sher Azam is going to be embrace Islam on coming Friday’’ it is surprising that it happened on given time. It means that the preaching of Islam is very strong in the valleys. In this way another shocked felt by endangered community of Kalasha valleys. Kalasha peoples are frighten due to the non-civilized approach of Muslim community as the used to take a new Muslim on the road to different villages chanting slogan of ‘’Allah O Akbar’’ giving clear message to endangered community that they can’t survive in a state where Kalasha are a tiny part of the majority population.


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Formidable Chitral school losing its founder

By Delcan Walsh

CHITRAL: During a grand gathering of tribal elders in this rugged and remote mountain district recently, one of the guests of honor stood out: an elderly Englishman in a suit and polished shoes, his snowy hair carefully combed, the morning newspaper folded on his lap.

That man, Maj. Geoffrey D. Langlands, has had a front row seat on Pakistan’s many dramas since he arrived, at the country’s chaotic birth, 65 years ago. He has taken tea with princesses, dined with dictators, been kidnapped by tribesmen and scraped through several wars. Now, at 94, Mr. Langlands, a former British colonial officer and a lifelong educator, is striking out on a fresh adventure: retirement.

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Two more couples in this week

Najia IMG0014A
Kalash June 6, 2012. Recently during Zhoshi festival national media was propagating that Kalasha people get marry during spring festival only. Some reports were keen to show that Kalasha people marry during the festival without any resistant. Yes they do, but we cannot ignore arrange marriages as well, in past, arrange marriages were preferred but now a day love marriages are popular among youth. On 4th June 2012 Kiran from Anish got married of her own choice with Sher Din of Brun village. Interestingly on 6th June Najia (Natija) got married with Riaz of Prishi (Darasguru). Yesterday some notables of the areas came to home to seek permission and then took her to her husband’s house says her mother. If parents are agreed then it is possible for a girl to marry, even if she do not willing to get marry but she has to compromise with her parents in respect of her family and the notables of the area, she has to marry with a boy whom she don’t want. Same matter happened with Najia she was not willing to marry early as she was rejected many proposals in past even parents were unable to make her agree, now a days she is studying in Booni valley upper Chitral. Now her studies mark a question? Could she continue her studies after married? She can if there are such schools or colleges in the valleys. But unfortunately Kalasha valleys lack educational facilities in the valleys.

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Mar’c Waki Zoshi concluded

The Kalasha Times Report
Kalash June 3, 2012 One day festival part of Kalash spring festival concluded today. It was delay due to death ceremonies in Brun village. The festival was supposed to be held on 26 May 2012. On 4th june Kalash peoples will be offered Uchalik Batyk, then people will take their goats to high pasture. During this festival Kalash community offered cheese at Mahadew and pray to Dezau for safety of goats and human being, few new marriages during these festival as well. Shazadi D/O Wazir Kalash got married with Noor Din S/O Din Muhmmad of Anish village.

Mean while breaking news came that Sher Azam from Darasguru village converted to Islam yesterday, to verify the news Kalasha Times contacted Darasguru village here Missro told TKT that ‘’no it is rumors since last few days and it is not true’’ She further added that ‘’ yesterday Alamgir contacted Sher Azam and he told him that no he did not convert yet’’ same news was roaming the day before that a young man in Rukmu valley is converted when it verified it was just rumors. Keeping visiting Kalasha Times for verified news only on this subscriber.

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No Conservation just Conversion?

The Kalasha Times Report

Kalash June 1, 2012. Things are going towards worst and worst instead of improve with the passage of time. Since last few decades Kal’a’s’a (Kalasha) religion, culture and tradition which is facing jeopardy stage of extinction due to threats from the biggest religions… of the worldimage. These to religions are playing a big role to protect Kalasha religion from extinction? Although some people think that Kalasha culture would be conserve but it’s not possible without solid work on ground. Will the developmental works on both sides of government and NGOs can conserve the Kalasha culture? Lot of construction work in progress, can that save it from extinction? In February 2012 ministry of national heritage and integration took an initiative to put Kalasha on world heritage list indeed it was very positive news and all the peoples in Kalasha valleys were really happy and expecting from government to make something more valid to conserve the Kalasha tangible and intangible assets. Was it successful? If not, then why? If NGOs and government department constructs new temples and community halls will these would be useful to conserve Kalasha culture? What do you think please take a moment and analyze such circumstance whether it’s important to sustain the Kalasha culture or vanished it forever? If it sought conservation then what would be the possibilities for conservation? While living in a state where Kalasha have no identity as a religion in official record of the state!

Its shame to say that our national media is presenting and propagating news which is not positive asking question will you marry new girl on this festival? Love marriage is common as the report says Kalasha people can take a girl without any resistance during spring festival giving wrong concept about Kalasha marriages. Here is a detail information on marriages

In old times the parents of both a girl and a boy arranged marriages. If a man wanted to ask for a girl for his brother or son he would kill a goat or sheep or bull and the agreement was made between the heads of the two families.


Parents day celebrated in GHS Mumuret

Report The Kalasha Times

Parents day in GHSM (10)

Kalash  May 30, 2012 Its pertain to mention here that GHS Mumuret is a school where 450 plus students are getting education it’s ranked among top three schools in the district in term of strength says Mr. Zahid Alam chairman governing body GHS. The function started with recitation of holy Quran Mr. Saifur Rehman student of 9th class recited some holy verses from Quran. Students presented different poems in urdu, Khowar, Kalashamondr and Kataviri (Nooristani) languages. Student performed a drama as well in local languages which was indeed very impressive people appreciated and given big cheers while clapping during the drama session. Mr. Wazir head master GHS presented sepasnama and welcome the guest including ADO education Mr.Atau Rehman and ANP district president Mr. Muzafar Jan. Wazir added that’’ since GHS established in 1985 there were some 9 teachers were sanctioned and there were 150 students in the school, but now we have 450 plus students and teachers are short also we have very difficult situation due to shortage of rooms in the school’’ He further added that we are suffering a lot and how we expect for a quality education in such circumstances’’. Mr. Wazir highlighted role of teachers as nation builder and responsibilities of education department to facilitate the school but unfortunately education department has not provided teachers and additional rooms in GHS, and problems remained as it is although we had several times coordinated the issue with education department in Chitral. He said that ‘’as a teacher I had played an important role in Kalash valleys since 1975 I remained a teacher and some outstanding students come up due to my hard work in education sector including a student who is now associate professor in Islamic International University Islamabad’’

Education is a key for any nation to enhance better management and build good leaders without education it is not possible to think of better tomorrow, students sought to focus on education only and it’s the only way to achieve development in every field of life. Mr. Muzafar Jan leader ANP promised the people of Mumuret to establish government girls middle school in the valley which was a long demand of the people to separate boys and girls and it is indeed very important issue says Muzafar. He also added that ‘’although I am not MPA, MNA but I still try hard to approve this demand by CM KPK during this financial year 2012-13 before ANP government disbursed’’ He announced 5000 rupees for the position holder on the occasion.

Students have talent and they need certain encouragement by the people and that is what a young man Mr. Wazir Zada Kalash did during his short speech he said ‘’ it’s important for the parents to come forward and participate parent teacher council to build good students’’ he announced 2000 rupees for the students who participate in speeches, Naat and darama. It is better to mentioned here that Wazir Zada has contributed 5000 cash prizes on results day as well says Mr. Jamil the teacher who act as stage sectary during the functioned.

The function continued for more than 3 hours and a large number of students, parents and other notables of the areas were present on the occasion.

A dozen of people spoke on the occasion including, ex-naib nazim Kurshid Ahmad, Baharam Shah Kalash, Atau Rehman, Wazir Zada, Mukam Udin, Makhfi, Jamil etc and the function concluded with prize distribution among the position holders and also the students who participated in the function.

Kalash festival

Zhoshi Festival Concluded with Peace

The Kalasha Times Report

Kalash 17 May 2012. Zhoshi (Kalash spring festival) which is being celebrating since their origin, it plays a significant role in Kalasha religion and culture. Kalash peoples merely celebrate this occasion to welcome spring and thanking God (Dezau ) for helping all the people in the valleys and around the globe. The very first day of festival is called called flower day. Every housed will bring yellow flower called bs’ on 13, then a milk day (C’rik pipi) celebrated for this purpose Kalash peoples stored milk especially goats milk for almost 9-10 days then distribute among the villagers. It is said that when people carefully stored and followed the instruction given by Dihars (a spiritual man) then there would be certain blessing on goats and dairy products. The rest of two days are celebrating happily and elders shares old stories with the youth in form of traditional songs. there are some important activities such Ga’ch one is a gather of male and females where both shakes walnut leafs and offered especial prayers with the sound of drum beats on 15 and same would be repeated on 16 on conclusion day but there is another exceptional Ga’ch which is consider to be pure where only male folks take part, they shake leafs of pears (Nashpati) and especial prays for peace and protection of the valleys in particular and the rest of country in general.

Indeed Kalash peoples are happy and tireless. This year government was deployed thousands of security in the valleys and adjoining areas to protect the Kalash festivities from outside affects its due to certain threats government received from cross the border. Before the festival begins there were rumors that frighten many Kalasha people, before they weren’t experience such a huge number of forces in the valleys. At different places there were police, border police, Pak army, Chitral scouts,FC and many others agencies were checking incoming and outgoing guest, there were also checking counters installed and cell phones etc were strictly forbidden and not allowed during the festival.

It is amusing that some private televisions (reports) are asking useless questions and asking to reply what they have told the person. Why the reporters want to show fictional stories? A local online news says that many girls got married during festival. While the truth is that only a girl named Sher Gul got married in her own village at Balanguru (Rukmu valley) and there is no more news so far. The festival will be conclude today on 17 in Biriu valley. Meanwhile in Rukmu and Mumuret its concluded with peace and love respectively on 15 and 16 May 2012.