Minorities to get more parliament seats

ISLAMABAD, July 11: The government has decided to increase the allocation of seats for representation of minorities in the national and provincial assemblies. Moreover, it has also decided on ensuring no loadshedding takes place during Sehar, Iftar or Taraveeh timings during the month of Ramazan.
A session of the Federal Cabinet was held here Wednesday with Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf in the chair. The meeting decided that the seats for minorities in the national and provincial assemblies would be increased proportionate to the population.
A three-member committee was also constituted comprising Minister for Law, Minister for Interfaith Harmony and Minister for Religious Affairs to submit a report on it in next cabinet meeting. To raise the number of minority seats, the Constitution’s Article 51 would be amended, decided the Cabinet.
On the other hand, the meeting also decided to implement a uniform loadshedding schedule throughout the country. The government has made the same decision several times in the past as well, however, it has not been able to implement it. The federal cabinet also decided that there would be no load-shedding in Ramazan during Taraveeh, Sehar and Iftar timings.
During the session, the Secretary for Water and Power, also informed the cabinet members that the power generation shortfall has gone down to 3500 MW, claiming that a further 2000 MW would be added to the national grid by the year end. (Published on Chitral Today)

Whom to blame? Fourth valley of Kalashadesh under fire

The Kalasha Times Report


Kalash 13 July 2012. Fire is spreading around the Acugha valley and adjoining areas at very high speed, the main place is Bitiligiri (the place where fire erupted) and surrounding areas and fire caused due to the labors who were cutting tress in the area according to initial report but may be other reasons as well, people of Kalash valley Mumuret especially people from Anish and Darasguru village including forces taking part to cope the situation in the valleys. Local sources added that forces come in the valley and had lunched there and done thing. Further added that only dozens of people are there and trying their best to stop further fire and save shepherd houses, when The Kalasha Times asked local youth is it possible to stop fire to stop further damaging the forest? They said that now it is possible for the people to stop fire it would be possible only if government send helicopters to control the fire. The fire which was erupted on 8 July 2012 at its peak, millions of trees had burnt to ashes which would be a great lost. Worth of the trees are billions rupees it is a lost to government and the local people according to local sources.
How and when? Since 2009 marking of the precious forest started which is created big problem and disparities among the community. Forest department of government of KPK and some local elders who are involved in fake JFMC (joint forest management committee) had sold the forest to contractors without consultation with local people, which harmed the unity among the people and few people took advantage of the situation.
Due to legal marking and marketing of timbers caused huge problem for the valley people. In the beginning people were very happy that they will get lot of money through (Raiti), because they were unaware of consequences.
Forest department is helping timber mafias directly and indirectly, according to some sources when there is marking in forest then there would not be allow issuing permits to further destruction of the forest. But in Acugha valley all limits had been ended.
Legal cuttings, illegal cuttings and marking of precious cedar trees which are liable to be main reasons of disparities among youth say youths in Kalash valleys.
Now whom to blame the elders or forest department? Due to deforestation people have witnessed many challenges in form of floods in Pakistan during 2010. Now the situation is going to be worst and worst. We are not learn from past and never learn in future if we do not think the way people think in developed part of the globe. While writing this piece of information I recall the days when I was watching a film title ‘’2012’’ where geological changes were highlighted. Changes happening fast and the approach of government has forwarded very slowly.
In case of Kalash valleys the forest is main source of livelihood, we depends on fire-woods and for grassing the animals in high pastures says local shepherds while talking with this subscriber. One of the shepherds told that in the light of the big fire goats and sheep’s were out on the mountains for grassing although the Bitiligeri is about 1 and half  kilometer away from the shepherd’s temporary settlement. Till filling this report the fire was reached on the top of Batrik forest (Nila’ Res’). And there were no news of control on the fire.
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Kalash valley Mumuret Under Smoke

Achugha under fire (1)

The Kalasha Times Report

Kalash 13 July 2012. Since last few days Acugha (High Pasteur) is under fire says a shepherd Sher Shaheen. The fire is spreading quickly and huge quantity of precious cedar and oak trees are burned to ashes and thousands of squares meter area is under fire. Today a dozens of people from Anish village went to stop the fire. So far no news to cope the situation…The forest department is allegedly involve in destruction of forest in Kalash valleys now just wondering to stop the fire and no positive response so far.

Achugha under fire (2)

Note: As soon as we get more details would be published soon!

Breaking news Shahzadi’s death body has been recovered

The Kalasha Times Report
Kalash 30 June 2012. Today at 9:30 A.M Shahzadi’s death body has been recovered near Sher Alam house. She was trapped with g-wire in the river near by Hamir Hamaza house Brun, where g-wire of protective walls was left in the water during devastating floods of 2010. Mr. Jam Din from Brun village who first saw her in the river and with the help of a stick he tries to pull out the g-wire. Jam while talking to The Kalasha Times said that ‘’ when I try to pull out her body, the river separated her body from g-wire and moved downward, because the flow was fast’’ he further added that other people who were searching on the river bank also joined me and we all try to get her body out from the river.
We succeeded to recover her after following 300 meters on the river. Shahzadi was 14-15 years old she was student of class 8th. Shahzadi’s soul has already departed from us and her body will be departing from us on 1st July 2012 with religious rites and we will be missed her forever says one of her class mate Abiba.

It is worth to mention here that Mr. Jam Din never got any disaster training but his struggle to server humanity would be worthwhile. But it is clear that people just running and running around the river without having proper tools. Now I dare to question those who are working on disaster reduction trainings would success or mobilize youth? Giving stockpiles at one village would be helpful? There must be basic rescue items at every village so that can be utilize promptly during such accidents would be positive in this regards.

Mumumret River Killer of Many Innocents Since Last Few Years

The Kalasha Times Report
Shahzadi photo by T.K Bazik Kalash 30 June 2012. A young Kalasha girl name Shahzadi daughter of Amadan village Brun sank drown in river Mumuret yesterday. She was student of class 8th in government high school Mumuret. According to eye witness she was washing clothes near by the river and slipped down the river from a stone. Flow of the river is very fast it took her downward at a very high speed and she was flatting on the river till 100 meters according to sources. Local people added that her body has disappeared in the river after few minutes. When the people come to know about this accident the rushed on the spot and started searching near by the river-banks but so far no success to recover her body. Different people had played irresponsible role during search operation, some people told that she is alive and rescued at Ahmadabad village, when they relatives got this news they were really happy at least she is alive. Due to such rumors many people back from their way to find her. After few minutes got news that is neither rescue nor found elsewhere yet. It shocked the people of Kalasha community and relatives again. People went to Ayun valley and adjoining areas to find her death or alive but no news so far. At the evening Pak-army and police are also started search operations, but could not succeed. People from the valleys gathered in Brun village since the news spread like a fire in valleys, due to telephones and people responded quickly but they gathered in Amadan house rather to struggle for recovery. Even there are many people who had got first respondent training during disasters. They seemed on river-banks without any tools. It gives clear message that the organization working for disaster management plans have not succeeded so far to mobilize and facilitate the trainees, because they are not in proper action to work on such accidents added local elders and young people. The organizations that are planning for better management and utilization of tools and resources during disaster must facilitate the volunteers with basic facilities. It is also pertain to mention that the implanting organization should select potential trainees for such humanitarian works.

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Kalash People witnessed First Coaster in the Valley!

The Kalasha Times Report

Photo by: I.A Sagar

Kalash 20 June 2012. First ever coaster reached Kalash valley Mumuret via Ayun valley. Coaster No. 2585 Peshawar, the coaster is 25 seaters. It was come from Swat valley with some families from Karachi. Driver Hamayun Khan says that there were 27 people from Karachi including some children.
Coaster photo by: I.A Sagar
The coaster carried total number of 29 people including contractor and driver himself to Kalash valley although the road is very rough, but driver Hamayun succeeded to bring his coaster into the valley. ‘’It was really hard and difficult to drive on such a narrow road and the coaster was touching trees and mountains’’ said Hamayun. While talking with The Kalasha Times in Mumuret valley driver told that he want to give some message for NATCO (Northern Areas Transport Company) and local people of the valley, ‘’NATCO should start its services in Kalash valleys to facilitate tourist although the roads are rough but still NATCO can run its services in the valleys, for the local people I would like to request them to cut branches of the trees which are creating hurdles to drive and touching the roof’’

Position holders of GHS Mumuret (Bumborate) 2012

Feroz Kalash 14 June 2012. Kalash valleys considered to the backward areas of Pakistan Feroz Shahnow showing good progress towards education. Today metric SSC (Secondary School Certificate) results came out. For SSC exams which were conducted by board of intermediate secondary education Peshawar, BISEP. According to BISEP results in science group Mr. Feroz Shah S/O Dawood Shah stood 1st in Government high school Mumuret (Bumborate)  securing 794 marks out 1050 he belongs to Kalash valley Rukmu (Rumboor), village Kalahagrom, Farid Ahmad S/O Abdul Hadi secured 746 marks and got 2nd position he belongs to Kalash valley Mumuret (Bumborate) village Ahmadabad, Zakir Ahmad S/O Waslim Baig secure 725 and got 3rd position he belongs to Kalash valley Mumuret (Bumborate) village Anish, Fakhiru Din S/O Burhan Uddin secured 723 and got 4th position he belongs to Kalash valley Rukmu (Rumboor), Sabir Shah secured 722 secured marks and stood 5th position he belongs to Kalash valley Rukmu (Rumboor) village Kalashagrom in GHS. In Humanity group Abdul Salam S/O Abdul Manan secured 712 marks and stood first in GHS, he belongs to Kalash valley Mumuret (Bumborate) village Kr’aka’(Krakal).

Farid Ahmad Zakir Ahmad Sabir Shah

When The Kalasha Times approached the position holders they said ‘’it was a result of the hard work of teachers, and our hard struggles for securing good marks and prayers of our parents, family, friends and relatives.


Meanwhile in class 9th Mr. Hamid got 387 marks out 525 in part one and stood first in GHS. He Belongs to Kalash valley Mumuret (Bumborate) village Shekhanandeh.
Dilraz Bano secured 700 marks in SSC and got first position among girls in Kalash valleys. 
Good News for students: Mr. Wazir Zada announced cash prize of 15000 rupees for students who secured top position in GHS he was talking with The Kalasha Times on last Sunday. It is very positive that some educated young people are keen to promote education. Today Mr. Kapher Bazik from abroad called Kalash people’s Development Network office and announced some grants for students initially he was willing to award 5000 rupees once The Kalasha Times team briefed him about the status of results and then he told that he would try to add some more to the grant and he would inform Kalasha Times team  soon as possible.

Breaking News (Earthquake hit Kalasha valleys)

Location of Kalasha Desh

Location of Kalasha Desh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Kalasha Times Report

Kalash 11 June 2012. Strong earthquake felt in Kalasha valleys and adjoining areas. Earth hit Kalasha valleys at 10: 31 A.M today and yesterday same time with same strong shudder was felt but there is no news of any happens in the valleys.

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A rumor turned to be truth!

The Kalasha Report
Kalash 9th June 2012. There is a famous pro-verb ‘’Sira’n pe praw haw pon’ dhangaw’’ (when there is a wind, then leafs start move). Now coming to the point Sher Azam from Darasguru village is converted to Islam although there were rumors few days ago, about his conversion of faith. The rumors turned to be truth on yesterday during Friday pray, where he announced his new religion. Couple of weeks ago a shopkeeper in Mumuret valley told the Kalasha Times that ‘’Sher Azam is going to be embrace Islam on coming Friday’’ it is surprising that it happened on given time. It means that the preaching of Islam is very strong in the valleys. In this way another shocked felt by endangered community of Kalasha valleys. Kalasha peoples are frighten due to the non-civilized approach of Muslim community as the used to take a new Muslim on the road to different villages chanting slogan of ‘’Allah O Akbar’’ giving clear message to endangered community that they can’t survive in a state where Kalasha are a tiny part of the majority population.


Formidable Chitral school losing its founder

By Delcan Walsh

CHITRAL: During a grand gathering of tribal elders in this rugged and remote mountain district recently, one of the guests of honor stood out: an elderly Englishman in a suit and polished shoes, his snowy hair carefully combed, the morning newspaper folded on his lap.

That man, Maj. Geoffrey D. Langlands, has had a front row seat on Pakistan’s many dramas since he arrived, at the country’s chaotic birth, 65 years ago. He has taken tea with princesses, dined with dictators, been kidnapped by tribesmen and scraped through several wars. Now, at 94, Mr. Langlands, a former British colonial officer and a lifelong educator, is striking out on a fresh adventure: retirement.

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Two more couples in this week

Najia IMG0014A
Kalash June 6, 2012. Recently during Zhoshi festival national media was propagating that Kalasha people get marry during spring festival only. Some reports were keen to show that Kalasha people marry during the festival without any resistant. Yes they do, but we cannot ignore arrange marriages as well, in past, arrange marriages were preferred but now a day love marriages are popular among youth. On 4th June 2012 Kiran from Anish got married of her own choice with Sher Din of Brun village. Interestingly on 6th June Najia (Natija) got married with Riaz of Prishi (Darasguru). Yesterday some notables of the areas came to home to seek permission and then took her to her husband’s house says her mother. If parents are agreed then it is possible for a girl to marry, even if she do not willing to get marry but she has to compromise with her parents in respect of her family and the notables of the area, she has to marry with a boy whom she don’t want. Same matter happened with Najia she was not willing to marry early as she was rejected many proposals in past even parents were unable to make her agree, now a days she is studying D.com in Booni valley upper Chitral. Now her studies mark a question? Could she continue her studies after married? She can if there are such schools or colleges in the valleys. But unfortunately Kalasha valleys lack educational facilities in the valleys.