Sarazari concluded in Kalash valleys

Darasguru is a small village in terms of population but the Kalasha peoples here are very delighted and celebrating their festival with religious zeal.

In this celebration the young generation under the supervision of some elders go to the high place where this celebration is always celebrated, there they make fire at two places one for women and one for men. Then the ceremony is begun with the offerings and a prayer on the both places someone washes hands and then the offerings are burnt and prayed. After this boys and girls sings the correspondent songs. They go from house to house singing and dancing. All families present them food and fruit. At every house the women sing a song called “kul’ani Jes’t’ak.” In this song they ask for different favors in the name of the “Jes’t’ak.” While this song is being sung the women hit a walnut with door side and sing this song. In Biriu valley they do not have this ceremony. And in Rukmu it is different from Mumuret. In Rukmu this song about the “Jes’t’ak is son sung on this occasion. It is yet different in the different villages of Mumuret. In some villages they have this ceremony celebrated for two days Read more about Cawmos


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